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Thanks for your interest in my Animal Acupuncture teaching products.

Depending on your level of understanding of acupuncture you may find some products more useful to you than some others.

My students range from complete novices with a burning desire to learn all they can about animal acupuncture through to competent Human Acupuncturists who want to transition to the treatment of animals, or Veterinary Surgeons who want to add acupuncture to their suite of available treatments.

As well as the above I have taught many different types of therapists the principles and practice of acupuncture for animals. Examples are human and animal physiotherapists, animal rehab therapists, muscle therapists, and of course, greyhound and racehorse owners and trainers.

Whatever you are and whatever methods you currently employ, I may have something for you.

Correspondence Courses are available and full details are available in the PROSPECTUS.
The most popular of these is the
DIY course, which is 155 lessons of self-paced tuition that you can complete at your convenience. The content is identical to what we offer in the fully mentored correspondence courses, but without the contact with a teacher. Full mentoring access to a tutor is available on a lesson by lesson basis if required only, and for an additional fee. You are not obliged to purchase any mentoring at all and most students find that mentoring is rarely required. Correspondence courses can lead to the granting of a CERTIFICATE or a DIPLOMA , but this is optional, and if desired they are gained by examination.

Cook-book manuals, "Greyhound Acupuncture" and "Equine Acupuncture" are our original teaching aids. They are designed to assist people with good animal skills to use a basic formula for basic conditions, and to achieve outstanding results in many cases. First printed in 1984, many thousands of these have been sold world-wide and they are now in their 6th edition (2015).

Point-location interactive computer programs for the dog and the horse have been developed to give good clear textual and brilliant colour graphical depictions of the most useful points that you will need. You will find demonstrations of both of these programs on the net. They are sold separately or are provided as part of several of our bundled products.

Practical Courses or WORKSHOPS have been conducted in several countries over the last 40 years and I have taught several thousand students from around the world.
In the beginning, I taught groups of up to 30 students at a time. These days I restrict class size to individual students or to groups of 2,3, or a maximum of 4 students at a time.
I call this my
FastTrack course. The FastTrack courses commenced in the second half of 2014 and all were booked out. Booked out again in 2015, and 2016.

I welcome expressions of interest from potential students for future FastTrack courses.

InfoPak describes my FastTrack offer for a previous year. Have a look and see if it offers you what you want or need.

E.O.I. Is the Expression of Interest form that comes with the InfoPak, to record, without any obligation, your interest in attending future FastTrack events.

The advantage of the FastTrack Course bundle is that in addition to the intensive WORKSHOP learning experience you will receive, you also get many hundreds of dollars worth of free benefits including FREE access to the DIY Correspondence Course, and heavily discounted product offers.

Preferred FastTrack Learning Order.

When embarking on FastTrack learning, there are very good reasons to complete the
Practical Workshop instruction FIRST, and then complete the DIY Course later at home and at your own pace.

Most often I am asked,
"Can I do the DIY Correspondence Course first and then do the Workshop later and get a credit for the DIY?"

I experimented teaching in that order and it just doesn't work nearly as well for the student as doing the WORKSHOP FIRST.

Do them in reverse order by all means. It will just cost you more as there can be no credit given for previous DIY off subsequent FastTrack.
You will get maximum
  • learning value,
  • financial value, and
  • enjoyment value
doing the WORKSHOP component first.

Please note: that if you decide to do the FastTrack course, there is no offset or credit for any previous purchase or service you may have made previously, that just happens to be given free or sold for heavily discounted prices at the course.

So what does all the above mean, "in a nutshell"?
It means that before you start your acupuncture learning experience you should consider starting with the FastTrack method…much of what you will need is bundled, and thus you will get best value for your investment of your time and your money.
Of course if you are not located in Australia or New Zealand it may not be possible for you to attend the Workshop, although several students from USA, Europe, Philippines and South Africa have made the journey.

Also, please note that the free 90 day mentoring mentioned in the Infopak relates to the implementation of what you have learned at FastTrack Practical Workshop on your animal patients and
not to the theory in the DIY.

So please read the Prospectus and Infopak, have a look at our point location program demonstrations, check out our cook-book information and other information via the buttons below.

Then get back to me with your choice. It is your choice.