Certificate or Diploma?
What is the difference?

I am often asked if I issue a Diploma or a Certificate when the student completes their chosen course.

Not everyone requires a Diploma or a Certificate.

Some just want the knowledge, want to update their existing knowledge, or want to transfer their human knowledge to animals. That is fine by me. You will not be pressured into getting the
Certificate or the Diploma.

Any student who does desire a "piece of paper", which carries an implied recommendation by
me as to your standard of acupuncture knowledge and capabilities needs to understand that you have to earn that privilege.
Having said that, I should point out that it is not a particularly difficult path to become certified by me.
All you have to do is to put in the effort.
By that I mean you must be committed to putting in the hours required to
understand the material, to submitting the quiz AND the multiple-choice questionnaire that come with every lesson.
There are no short cuts. It will take time.
But if you learn the content I provide,
you will pass the exam.
The quizzes and M/C questionnaires are designed to reinforce your understanding of the the content
If you go further and research each topic in greater depth,
you will pass the exam with a credit or a distinction depending on your efforts.

Note that the key to successful completion of the course is to UNDERSTAND the material, not just to be able to regurgitate it parrot fashion. That will never work.

For those who want a
Certificate we supply a 3 hour written exam and marking as part of the course fee (full courses only).

For DIY course students there is currently a $110 fee for the certificate exam. The student can take it in their own town and a must make arrangements and pay for professional supervision by  approved supervisor. The certificate exam tests their knowledge of the complete course as presented for both animal species.

If I graduate you at certificate level, you may become a member of IICT and thru them you can access practitioner insurance at favourable rates

Diploma is only offered to students who have passed the Certificate, and requires some case histories to be submitted as a precondition, then a written exam plus a practical demonstration of your skills as a practitioner. This can be in person or by video. I  cannot forecast what the charge would be in the future but as a guide, our  fee at the moment is $220 to set up and  mark the written exam and mark the 1 hour practical video. Your extra costs would be for the supervisor and camera person to produce the digital video.
The costs to perform the practical test in person would depend on when and where, as travel and accommodation costs would vary.

Diplomas are awarded for small animal  practitioners OR for equine practitioners. You choose which you want to be examined on. The diploma  reflects your choice. Should you require to be examined on BOTH the fee is currently $440. However you may sit for one category initially ($220), and for the other category ($220) at a later time to suit you.

Diplomas and Certificates look much the same, but with different wording.

Diploma is my personal recommendation that you have learned the theory, AND have acquired the skills necessary to become a confidant and competent practitioner in your chosen fields.

I do not operate a diploma-mill, handing out worthless "pieces of paper" and I take my obligation to the public very seriously. If I grant you a Certificate or a Diploma, you will have earned it.