LU 5 This point is found in the middle of the elbow crease, on the lateral edge of the tendon of the Biceps brachii muscle. Insertion is parallel with the long axis of the dog in a posterior direction, towards the joint, taking care to avoid the cephalic vein. Depth is about 13 mm in the average dog, but it needs to be deep enough to anchor it, yet not so deep as to invade the joint capsule.
Acupuncture point Lung 5
This point is best found by identifying the extent of the elbow crease. To do this, one should alternately flex and then extend the elbow joint. Note how the "crease" will appear on flexion and disappear on extension. The needle should be inserted while the leg is in extension and standing on the ground. However, to find the point you need to appreciate the extent of the crease by flexing the leg.
Notice also the tendon of the biceps muscle crossing the joint in this area.
LU5 is just lateral to the intersection of the biceps tendon and the elbow crease. (and PE3 is just medial)
Insert a 25mm needle parallel with the ground and with the long axis of the dog while it is standing.
Avoid the cephalic vein which is close by…
NOTE: These locations sometimes appear to conflict with the locations given for the points on the human. However it must be realised that the human points are described with the hands in the "anatomical position" ie with the palms facing the observer. The standard anatomical position of the dog has its "palm" rotated 180 facing backwards. The confusion stems from the fact that these two points are described as being on the ulnar or radial side of the tendon. In fact, if you use the absolute locations (disregarding descriptive conventions) the locations are exactly the same in humans and dogs.