GB 34 Locate the upper end of the fibula and then move a few mm antero-ventrally.

As you do so, your finger will encounter a ridge of bone and then a depression within a crescent-shaped bony structure.

This is

Insertion is 10mm to 25mm deep depending on the size of the dog and perpendicular to the skin at this point. If the point is correctly located and the needle properly directed, it will pass between the tibia and fibula without touching either bone.

Care must be taken and your skills practised, because this is one of the most painful points yet one of the most commonly used and useful points in animal acupuncture. Get it right and there should be no pain.

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These three points are grouped together as they are so commonly used as local points for the knee.

You should be practised at palpation of
head of the fibula

and the bony crescent,

the patella,

the patellar ligament,

and the tibial crest.
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